HSAFP Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a permanent resident SA ID Card, can I apply?

  • Yes. We accept applications from permanent residents as well as citizens.

If I have an advanced degree already, can I apply?

  • Yes. Our definition of ‘mid-career professional’ is an open one. We will evaluate candidates based on their credentials and if an applicant already has a masters or PhD degree this does not disqualify them from receiving the fellowship.

Do I also need to complete a separate application to the school that I am interested in attending?

  • Yes. Receiving the Harvard South Africa Fellowship does not mean you have been accepted to the academic program you are interested in applying to. You must complete a separate application to the Harvard division that you are interested in attending. For example, if you were to receive news that you were being awarded the fellowship in the summer of 2022, the next step would be to apply directly to the school in the fall/winter 2022/23.

Can I bring my spouse and/or family with me to Cambridge?

  • We strongly encourage you to consider your family as you make a decision to apply for this fellowship.  Fellows are strongly discouraged from bringing their family with them to Harvard. The cost of housing a family in Boston/Cambridge is considerably higher than the rental charge of one individual in a graduate dormitory – the rate used in calculating the monthly stipend. As a result, applicants for the fellowship should seriously consider whether they are prepared to spend an academic year at Harvard apart from their families.

When can I expect to hear if I have been awarded the fellowship?

  • Applicants will hear in July - August 2022 if they have been selected for an interview. Interviews are expected to take place virtually (via Zoom) in August 2022, and candidates can expect to be notified if they have been selected as a finalist in September 2022. Finalists will then apply directly to the Harvard program they are interested in attending. The fellowship is contingent on acceptance to the specific Harvard program.

What expenses are covered by the fellowship?

  • The fellowship provides for payment of all tuition for the full period of enrollment at Harvard. The fellowship also funds the round-trip airfare between the fellow’s home and Boston, as well as a monthly stipend. Fellows typically elect to stay in University graduate dormitories. Please note that housing costs in the Boston/Cambridge area are extremely high, and the stipend only covers bare necessities. The monthly stipend must also be used to pay for other expenses such as medical and dental insurance, medicines, taxes, food, winter clothing, books and supplies. Fellows are held personally responsible for the payment of all bills other than tuition fees and airfare. Please be advised that Harvard will require fellows to purchase American medical insurance. This insurance does not cover the range of services covered in South Africa. Separate insurance must be purchased for dental coverage. Charges for non-covered expenses and prescription drugs are very high.