Student Group Grants

The Center for African Studies is committed to supporting the activities of Harvard student organizations focused on Africa. Grants of up to $1,000 are offered to registered Harvard University student organizations to fund Africa-related activities each semester. Organizations must submit a grant application for each activity that funding is required for. Student organizations are encouraged to seek additional funding to complement the grants awarded by the Center.

Grant decisions are based on the activities’ relevance to teaching the Harvard community and the public about Africa. Examples of activities that may be funded includes workshop series, cultural performances, Africa-related conferences and Africa Week events. Center grants may not be used to fund social activities and dinners. Please read through the Center’s grant guidelines for information about what expenses are allowable and non-reimbursable.

Student Group Grants will be accepted on a rolling basis each semester.  Applications will be reviewed within two weeks of receipt. Submit all applications via email or in person to the Student Support and Outreach Officer.


Application Requirements:

  • Must be an official Harvard University student group

  • Must be a student groups with an appointed faculty advisor 

  • CAS Student Group Grant Application Form

  • Detailed budget breaking down all activity’s expenditure

  • Activity program (where applicable e.g. conferences, workshops)

  • Events must take place in the Boston/Cambridge area