Vision & Mission

While the economic and geopolitical importance of Africa continues to grow, understandings of Africa and African experiences continue to be marginalized, exoticized and discounted. As an internationally recognized and respected organization and a distinguished Department of Education National Resource Center, the Harvard Center for African Studies has the power to influence perspectives on Africa and bridge the knowledge divide between Africans and non-Africans. Our vision is a world where authentic understandings of Africa, African experiences and African perspectives are commonplace.

The Harvard University Center for African Studies is a globally recognized, interdisciplinary body at Harvard University committed to broadening knowledge about Africa and African perspectives.


Everything we do helps to broaden public and scholarly awareness about Africa, African experiences and African perspectives.


  • Create opportunities and resources for academics, students, scholars, organizations and anyone with an interest in Africa-related topics, to learn, research and share knowledge related to Africa; 
  • Support programs that foster student and faculty engagement with the continent; 
  • Collaborate across the Continent to share the Center’s resources and knowledge with Africans and Africanists; and 
  • Diversify the interdisciplinary understanding of Africa and encourage people to think about the Continent in new ways.