HSAFP Terms of Fellowship

The fellowship provides for payment of all tuition for the full period of enrollment at Harvard. The fellowship also funds round-trip airfare between the fellow’s city of residence and Boston. A monthly stipend is provided to fellows, with the exception of those enrolled in the Executive Education Programs, to cover the cost of housing and other living expenses. Housing is usually in university graduate dormitories. Please note that housing costs in the Boston/Cambridge area are extremely high, and the stipend only covers bare necessities. The monthly stipend must also be used to pay other expenses such as medical and dental insurance, medicine, taxes, food, winter clothing, books, and supplies. Fellows are held personally responsible for the payment of all bills other than tuition fees and airfare. Fellows should also be aware that their stipends will have a significant amount of taxes taken out before they receive the funds.

Please be advised that Harvard will require fellows to purchase American medical insurance. This insurance does not cover the range of services covered in South Africa. Separate insurance must be purchased for dental coverage. Charges for non-covered expenses and prescription drugs are very high.

A full monthly check is provided for each month or partial month during which the fellow is officially registered at Harvard. The fellow will have higher “start-up” expenses in September and substantial expenses at the end of the period of study. Fellowship funds do not allow for family support, whether or not family members join the fellow at Harvard.

Fellows are strongly discouraged from bringing their family with them to Harvard. The cost of housing a family in Boston or Cambridge is considerably in excess of the rental charge for one individual in a graduate dormitory, the rate used in calculating the monthly stipend. Applicants for the fellowship must therefore consider seriously whether they are prepared to spend an academic year at Harvard apart from their families. The Executive Education Programs, in particular, will not allow a student to live with his or her family during the several months of the programs.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page with any questions. Further inquiries about the Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program should be addressed to Nthatisi Quella, Program Manager in the Africa Office.