Policy Brief: Africa-Asia Connections: Bridging Past, Present, and Future

February 23, 2018

Group Photo Asia Africa Conference in Shanghai

The inaugural conference for Center for African Studies' Africa-Asia initiative took place on November 16 - 17, 2017. In partnership with the Harvard Asia Center and Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, the Center for African Studies convened a 2-day conference on Africa and Asia in Shanghai, China titled "Africa-Asia Connections: Bridging Past, Present, and Future."

"What explains the divergence in development trajectories? What can entrepreneurs, policy makers, and academics do to address it? What do stories of trade, aid, and migration between Africa and Asia at the micro level teach us about the implications of policy decisions at the macro level? Similarly, what effects do industrial parks, mega-projects, and agro-processing have on local communities? What can Africa and Asia learn from each other?"

The Shanghai Conference explored these ideas in depth and developed a series of policy recommendations that might bring the two continents closer together for their mutual benefit. Attendees outlined a seven-pronged policy agenda that will make prosperous the Africa-Asia relationship in the 21st century.

"Shanghai is only the first step. We are eager to explore collaborations with other Asian and African cities, where we might continue this dialogue in the years to come. Ultimately, our goal is to bridge past, present, and future in ways that shape Africa's coming century." 
- Professor Emmanuel Akyeampong, Oppenheimer Faculty Director, Harvard University Center for African Studies

Read the Policy Brief attached below.


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