Policy for Recovery in Africa: Rethinking Energy Solutions for Universal Electricity Access


Tuesday, December 1, 2020, 9:30am


Virtual Event - Details Below

African countries face an uphill battle as they confront the shocks of the coronavirus pandemic, seeking recovery in the context of global socio-economic difficulty and fragmented geopolitics. With deficits in terms of governance, public health systems, social protection, and basic service delivery presenting challenges even before the outbreak, careful analysis and creative evidence-based policy solutions, as well as emphasis on implementation, will be crucial if Africa is to progress towards the SDGs and Agenda 2063. The Policy for Recovery in Africa series will bring together expert speakers and decision makers to examine and exchange on key challenges, potential solutions, and approaches for implementation. The energy access gap in Africa presents one of the most serious obstacles to the long-term pandemic recovery effort, with almost half of the continent’s population estimated to still lack access to electricity, creating a negative annual GDP impact estimated to be over 25 billion USD. Approximately three quarters of the population do not have access to clean cooking fuel and face costs to their health. At this first event in the series, speakers will explore policy opportunities to bridge this gap, the key barriers that remain and the transformative potential of energy transition in delivering sustainable access for all. This event will also be broadcast live on the Africa Programme Facebook page.

ORGANIZER: Chatham House

WEBSITE: https://chathamhouse.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_S4S4dwZZRkGmGvVT8eixQw