Center for International Development Speaker Series: Paying for Success: Innovative Designs for Social Impact


Friday, October 6, 2017, 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Perkins Room - Rubenstein 4th Floor R-429, 79 John F. Kennedy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

In the last decade, Results-Based Financing (RBF) has gained tremendous momentum in the international development space. Now, about $30 billion in funding have been disbursed through RBF mechanisms in 78 low and middle-income countries. The promise of RBF is simple: by tying the funding of social services to results, RBF drives results. It does so through aligning incentives, introducing accountability, encouraging prioritization, and allowing for learning and flexible adaptation in implementation. Anchored in Instiglio’s experience in designing impact bonds, outcomes markets, and national-to-local government transfers, Instiglio’s Junior Partner and HKS alumni Max Bode will discuss RBF’s track-record and potential to deliver on its promise of making social services more impactful. The talk will draw on a systematic review of trends in RBF, and case studies of education, workforce development, and poverty alleviation projects in India, Colombia, Morocco, and Kenya.

Max Bode heads the Washington DC office’s client engagement, fundraising, talent recruitment effort, and provides strategic and technical guidance on Instiglio’s Africa portfolio. Prior to joining, Max was a civil servant and ODI Fellow in Zanzibar’s Ministry of Health, worked with Rwanda’s Ministry of Finance, and investigated the effectiveness of social interventions as a Senior Research Fellow at Harvard’s Center for International Development. Max holds an MPA/ID from the Harvard Kennedy School, a Masters from Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, and a Bachelors from Maastricht University.

ORGANIZER(S): Center for International Development at Harvard University