CAS Summer Research Grants

September 1, 2020

Over the summer, CAS supported students with interested in doing Africa-related independent research and faculty supported research which resulted in a presentation and written report at the end of summer. You can find the topic of research by the student research below:

Ilham Abdalla Tagelsir Ali FDR Initiative Research Assistant working with Grad student Orelia Jonathan
Augustine Bannerman Independent research on the affects of COVID-19 on higher education in Ghana
Abraham Dada Faculty Supported Research: A Systematic Review of the Epidemiology and Risk Factors of Dementia in
Sub-Saharan Africa
Suuba Demby Faculty Supported Research with Zoe Marks: Sierra Leone Girls’ Empowerment Initiative
Chenai Mangachena Independent reseach: Social Media in Zimbabwe
Jordan Mubako Independent reseach: economic impacts of COVID-19 on Zimbabwe 
Roy Mugobi Independent Research: Small scale mining in Zimbabwe
Sasasa Dlamini Independent research: Tanzania: How postcolonial governments regulate human behavior through symbols and representations
Asteria Chilambo Independent Research: How does the Transition from the Use of Swahili to English From Primary Public Schools to Secondary Schools Affect Students’ Learning in Tanzania?
Kayla Getter Independent Research: Continuation of her J-Term project on history education on the Rwandan Genocide