African Studies Workshop Featuring Joanna Davidson


Monday, March 26, 2018, 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Lower Library, Robinson Hall 35 Quincy Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Joanna Davidson is an Assistant Professor at Boston University. She is a cultural anthropologist whose research interests include cultural conceptions of knowledge, anthropological engagements with development, and the politics of storytelling. Dr. Davidson has conducted ethnographic research in Guinea-Bissau since 1999, where she has focused on rural West Africans’ responses to environmental and economic change. She will present The Problem of Widows: Making and Unmaking Marriage in Rural West Africa. Discussant: George Meiu.

A week in advance, the presenter’s paper will be circulated through the Harvard African Studies Workshop listserv. It is assumed that everyone has read the paper before the workshop.  After presentation and commentary, Workshop attendees are invited to engage in critique and discussion, under the moderation of the Workshop Chairs.

ORGANIZER(S):  Harvard University Center for African Studies