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The 2015 HSAFP application cycle is now OPEN.  


April 3, 2015 HSAFP applications DUE (at 11:59pm EST)
April – May 2015 Applications are reviewed by on-campus committee at Harvard University
Late May 2015 Applicants notified if they have been selected as for an interview
July 2015 Expected timing for interviews in South Africa
Late August 2015 Interviewed candidates are notified if they have been selected as a Harvard South Africa Fellow finalist
September 2015 – January 2016 Selected finalists apply directly to the Harvard program they are interested in attending
January – April 2016 Candidates typically hear about their admissions decision from the Harvard School to which they applied
Beginning July – August 2016 Most Harvard South Africa Fellows’ academic programs at Harvard begin
May 2017 Fellows at Harvard for one-year programs complete their academic year at the University




  • Submit transcripts from all post-secondary institutions you have attended. You may upload these or have them mailed directly.
  • Transcripts must show the grades and course titles for all your post-secondary coursework. Copies of diplomas are NOT required.


  • Two letters of recommendation must be submitted.
  • Letters of recommendation should be attached to the HSAFP Recommendation Form.
  • Letters can be submitted by email to


  • An academic essay and a personal statement must be submitted.
    • Academic Essay: Briefly describe an important issue  relevant to your field of interest and South Africa, where possible. Propose a theoretical framework or strategy to address this issue. Applicants seeking admission into the Special Student or Visiting Fellow GSAS Programs should use this academic essay to describe their research and attach a description of their relevant coursework. Minimum 500 words, Maximum 1000 words.
    • Personal Statement: Tell us something about yourself – in particular, why you wish to study at Harvard University and how doing so connects with what you have done in the past and what you plan to do in the future with your career in South Africa. Applicants seeking admission into the Special Student program should use this personal statement to explain how coursework and research opportunities at Harvard University will strengthen their doctoral work and teaching at their home institution. Minimum 250 words, Maximum 750 words.
  • The Academic Essay and the Personal Statement should be typed in a standard font and font size (10 to 12 point).  Essays should also be double-spaced.
  • Include your full name on the top of each page and your signature at the end of the Academic Essay and the Personal Statement.


  • Include a copy of your most recent resume/CV with your application.


Please refer these of Frequently Asked Questions.
Further queries about the Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program should be addressed to