Teaching & Outreach

The Center for African Studies is committed to serving as a resource to educators for ideas on how to infuse African Studies into teaching and learning objectives. CAS believes that African Studies can be made relevant across subjects and across grades, and is dedicated to providing resources to assist with its integration into K-12 learning.

Through formal programming and on a consulting basis, the Harvard Center for African Studies is able to offer unique expertise and resources to the Africanist community and educators interested in Africa-related issues.  

Global Studies Outreach Summer Workshop 

Working in collaboration with the other regional study centers at Harvard University, the Harvard University Center for African Studies supports an annual four-day intensive summer workshop in the Greater-Boston area.

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Globalizing the Classroom Fellowship Program

The Globalizing the Classroom Fellowship Program brings together secondary and community college educators from across the country who are interested in integrating global content into their classrooms.

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Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program

In collaboration with other Harvard entities,  the Harvard University Center for African Studies supports a prestigious and a fully funded career development opportunity for students from across the world.

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Harvard University Africa-focused Course Offerings 

Harvard University boasts one of the most extensive offerings of Africa-related courses, including more than 30 African languages offered through our renowned African Language program. 

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Harvard University Africa-related Resources 

Harvard University supports leading research and open-source materials related to African Studies. Learn more about Harvard entities contributing to the African Studies knowledge base.

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