Pyramid Schemes Videos

These videos were created by Harvard students as part of Professor Peter Der Manuelian’s course, Pyramid Schemes: The Archaeological History of Ancient Egypt (Fall 2012).  This course surveys ancient Egyptian pharaonic civilization (about 3,000—332 B.C.) as an example of ancient complex society. It emphasizes Egyptian material culture – pyramids, temples, tombs, settlements and cities, art masterpieces and objects of daily life.  Students explore major developmental themes that defined the Egyptian state – the geographical landscape, kingship, social stratification, and religion.  Enrolled students complete two iMovie assignments intended to demonstrate scholarly content in visual form, and more broadly, to encourage the creative translation of that scholarly content into interactive multimedia presentations.

Hetep-Heres: The Abnormal Tomb, by Audrey Han


Egyptian Animal Gods, by Avalon Owens


The Great Sphinx of Giza, by Caspar Jopling


Mother of God – The Mystery of G7000x, by Daniel Lynch


Indiana Yorke & the Mystery of Hetephere’s Tomb, by Emily Yorke


Mummies: The Journey of the Egyptian Corpse from Death to Discovery, by Jillian Peters


Khufu Construction, by Sebastian Pierce-Durance


The Mystery of Queen Hetepheres, by Carol Meuth