For Educators

The 125 National Resource Centers (10Mapping Workshop Summer 2014_Day 1 Africa specific) in the U.S. have been established at universities with funding from the U.S. Department of Education to establish, strengthen, and operate language and area or international studies centers that will be national resources for teaching.

The National Resource Centers support:

  • teaching of any modern foreign language;
  • instruction in fields needed to provide full understanding of areas, regions or countries;
  • research and training in international studies;
  • work in the language aspects of professional and other fields of study; and
  • instruction and research on issues in world affairs.

As part of the requirements for Title VI, the Center for African Studies is focusing some of its efforts and resources in the category of Outreach. In light of this goal, we are excited to be working towards developing resources for the K-12 community’s educational use.

Harvard’s Center for African Studies is looking forward to offering increased outreach activities and events for teachers both here in the Greater Boston area, as well as across the country.

Visit Global Studies Outreach at Harvard for more information and resources beyond that of African Studies. Global Studies Outreach at Harvard is a collaboration amongst regional and internationally focused centers and programs at Harvard that share a commitment to conduct educational outreach throughout New England and beyond.