CAS is continuously updating its online resources for students, faculty and the wider Africanist community.  Below are two Harvard-based African Studies resources, both started and run by Center members: AfricaMap (Professor Suzanne Blier, Co-Chair of an Electronic Geo-Spatial Database) and Africa’s Sources of Knowledge – Digital Library Project (Professor John Mugane, ASK-DL Project Director).  CAS is also proud to host the Harvard Africa Policy Journal, a student-run online publication dedicated to promoting dialogue about African policy and current affairs in the realms of governance, law, education, business, health, design and culture.


AfricaMap is housed at the Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University with an initial grant from the Harvard Provosts Fund for Innovative Computing and ongoing support from the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute, the Department of African and African American Studies and the Center for African Studies at Harvard University. Since its beta release in November of 2008, the framework has been implemented in several geographic locations with different research foci, including metro Boston, East Asia, the city of Paris as well as an array of African country map sites. In June of 2011 the AfricaMap model was expanded into WorldMap and additional tools and functionality were added that allow users anywhere to upload maps and create their own set of map layers.  Learn more about why Professor Blier created AfricaMap/WorldMap, and what you can do with this amazing tool!

Africa’s Sources of Knowledge – Digital Library Project


The ASK-DL project is a pioneering initiative in the identification, recovery, integration, consolidation, and dissemination of information contained in rare handwritten and out-of-print African language documents of non-latinate scripts.

Guide on “Writing in African Studies Journals” (2015 edition)

This resources provides a quick overview about writing in African Studies Journals including main requirements, tips on writing, and selecting the right journal.