African Economic History Network Interview with Professor Emmanuel Akyeampong

February 12, 2018

Professor Akyeampong Photo

The Harvard Center for African Studies Oppenheimer Faculty Director, Professor Akyeampong was interviewed by the African Economic History Network (AEHN) on February 12, 2018. This interviewed followed Professor Akyeampong's keynote lecture on "African Socialism" at the AEHN's 2017 Annual Meeting last October in Stellenbosch.

What is striking about that first generation of independent African leaders was the boldness of their visions and development plans.

Professor Akyeampong discusses his book "The First Generation of Independent African Leaders and the Making of the African Nation-State," the keynote speech on the first generation of independent African leaders' development plans, and his view on Africa's future.

Read the interview here: