Study Abroad

Harvard students can study abroad in Africa for course credit through the Harvard Summer School and other programs approved by the Office of International Education. Some programs accept graduate students in addition to undergraduates (see specific programs for clarification). Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) grants are available for language programs abroad.

Harvard Summer Abroad Program in Cape Town, South Africa

Premaratne_Inesha_2014_Landscape_South Africa copyOver the course of eight weeks, you engage in rigorous intellectual exploration, in both formal and informal settings throughout the country, from a multidisciplinary perspective. The program investigates South Africa’s experience as a new democracy; the cultural, economic, and political past-and-present of its indigenous populations; and what its contemporary history has to teach the world at large about a range of critical social issues. The first six weeks of the program include intensive coursework as well as a proseminar, which will include lectures by major South African public intellectuals and excursions to sites of historical and cultural significance. For the remaining weeks, you embark on a pedagogic safari, traveling to the northeastern edges of the country to experience life in a rural chiefdom as well as explore the Kruger National Park. Courses taught by Jean & John Comaroff. The courses taught count for both Societies of the World and Culture & Belief in the Harvard Gen Ed program. 

Info Sessions: November 10 & 11, 2015 (in Harvard Foundation Conference Room, Thayer Basement)

Application Deadline: January 30, 2016

Visit the Harvard Summer School website for more specifics on the program. 

Harvard Summer Program in Kisumu, Kenya

Students in the Harvard Summer Program in Kisumu, Kenya, explore diverse approaches for using innovations and technologies to foster transformative and sustainable healthcare improvements in Africa. Closely mentored student teams design, develop, and test their own innovations. Watch a video where students in the Kisumu program discuss the innovations in healthcare they worked on.

Application Deadline: January 28, 2016

Visit the Harvard Summer School website for more specifics on the program.

Harvard Summer Program in Ghana

ghanahssThis program explores the history and material culture of slavery and slave trade in West Africa (Ghana) and the Caribbean (Danish Caribbean and Jamaica). It combines lectures; the critical use of contemporary sources, oral history, film, and images; trips to sites of enslavement and slave trade (European forts along the coast, interior slave marts and settlements that survived slave raids); and archaeological fieldwork on Danish plantations in the reconstruction of the period between about 1650 and 1850. Gold Coast influences on the material and socio-political cultures of the Caribbean are examined through slave lifeways and revolts. The course engages the politics of memory and the presentation of Ghana’s place in the Atlantic world through contemporary slave roots/routes tourism, cultural festivals, and museum exhibitions.

Application Deadline: January 28, 2016

Visit the Harvard Summer School website for more specifics about this program.