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iExperience Christian Liu, Zack Chaubin, Rohit Ahuja 2

Harvard students Rohit Ahuja, Christina Liu, and Zack Chaubin participated in iXperience in Cape Town (Summer 2014).

The Center for African Studies is deeply committed to being a valuable resource for Harvard’s students – undergraduate and graduate, from any school or discipline – both on campus as well as on the Continent.  CAS continues to expand opportunities for students to gain experience, in both formal and informal settings, in Africa through its Harvard Summer School study abroad programming, internship and fellowship offerings, and grants to support field research and experiential learning.  In addition, the Center supports university student groups and advises students on how to expand their knowledge and understanding in the area of African Studies.

If you would like to be in touch with a student who has received a CAS Grant and/or participated in a study abroad or internship program, please email  Our CAS Peer Mentors are happy to share their experiences, lessons learned and fantastic stories!

CAS Student Opportunities

J-Term Grants: Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students (application deadline October 11, 2016)

Summer Grants: Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students (application deadline February 14, 2017)

Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships: Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students (application deadline March 1, 2017 for continuing students and December 31, 2016 for incoming students)

Internship Programs: Maru-a-Pula Internship Program (application deadline February 9, 2017)