Somalia’s Elections: Progression or Stasis in the Transition?


Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 10:00am


Virtual Event - Details Below

Somalia’s parliamentary and presidential elections in 2020-21 were slated to take place on a one-person to one-vote basis for the first time since 1969. However, realities on the ground have prevented this expectation, including a serious rift between the Federal Government and several Federal Member States which delayed agreement on the electoral legislation and procedures, as well as continued insecurity. Instead, the ‘Mogadishu Model’ will see an augmented indirect electoral process, with senators in the Upper House selected by State Assemblies and an expanded number of clan delegates electing MPs in the Lower House, who will in turn vote for the President.

As the elections get underway, this virtual event will analyse these dynamics, the agreed model and their implications. Panellists will discuss the importance of embedding a mechanism for dialogue between the Federal Government and the States, in order to overcome future political disputes and ensure the implementation of policy priorities. In the context of the coronavirus pandemic and continued insecurity due to al-Shabab, this event will also reflect on the importance of economic and security sector reforms.

ORGANIZER: Chatham House