Online Event: Digital Solutions to Covid-19 and Urban Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa


Thursday, May 21, 2020, 9:00am to 10:00am


Virtual Event - Details Below


Urbanization is booming across sub-Saharan Africa. According to UN estimates, by the year 2100 the African continent will be home to half of the world’s largest cities. While urbanization is generally associated with higher GDPs and personal wealth, Africa’s emerging metropolises struggle with informal settlements, lack of social mobility, and deep inequalities in access to basic services. The emergence of Covid-19 has exacerbated these challenges, hindering daily economic activities of individuals working in the expansive informal sector and increasing health risk for urban dwellers without access to running water. Fortunately, digital technologies are fueling innovative responses to the needs of the urban poor. Technological solutions, such as mobile apps and pay-as-you-go models, are meeting the demands of rapidly growing urban populations and helping publics adapt to the “new normal” of Covid-19.

Join the CSIS Africa Program for a discussion on how digital technologies are playing a critical role in solving some of the region’s most pressing health, economic, and social challenges. The panel—featuring U.S. policy, private sector, and economic experts—will explore opportunities and challenges in leveraging these new technologies, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Save the date, register, and subscribe to the CSIS Africa Program distribution list to receive updates on future events.


Worku Gachou - Managing Director, Africa, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (formerly Overseas Private Investment Corporation)

Astrid Haas - Policy Director, International Growth Centre

Max Cuvellier - Head of Mobile for Development (M4D), GSMA



ORGANIZER: Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)