More than a Status: The Lived Experiences of Refugee Students – Tito Yak Kuol and Danilo Mandić in Conversation


Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 4:00pm


Center for African Studies

A few weeks ago, the African continent’s leaders met to sign the Free Trade Agreement, signaling a commitment from most African countries to allow easier movement of people and support across their borders. Still, Africa faces a large refugee crisis. Many people are displaced from their home countries because of famine, war, and uneven opportunity across the continent. As we explore what it means to be African in 2018, we hear from Tito Yak Kuol, a Sudanese refugee who moved to Kenya to escape the civil war in his country. Tito is no stranger to crossing national border lines and now finds himself as a freshman at Harvard College intending to concentrate in Government. He is passionate about education and believes the narrative surrounding African refugees should be changed. The conversation with Tito will be moderated by Harvard College Fellow and lecturer on comparative historical sociology, Danilo Mandić. 

Organizer(s): Harvard African Students Association