African Studies Workshop featuring Ronald Niezen


Monday, March 25, 2019, 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Center for African Studies Lounge - 1280 Massachusetts Ave., 3rd Floor, Cambridge, MA

Ronald Niezen is the Katharine A. Pearson Chair in Civil Society and Public Policy in the Faculty of Law and Department of Anthropology at McGill University. He has a PhD from Cambridge University and has done research on Islamic reform in West Africa, justice campaigns in Aboriginal communities in northern Canada and on the international movement of indigenous peoples in the United Nations. His books include: The Origins of Indigenism: Human Rights and the Politics of Difference (University of California

Press 2003) Truth and Indignation: Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indian Residential Schools (University of Toronto Press 2013) and a co-edited volume (with Maria Sapignoli) Palaces of Hope: The Anthropology of Global Organizations (Cambridge University Press 2017).


He will be presenting Tracking Herero and Nama Justice Claims from Namibia to Germany.

Discussant: Yookyeong Im


A week in advance, the presenter’s paper will be circulated through the Harvard African Studies Workshop listserv. It is assumed that everyone has read the paper before the workshop.  After presentation and commentary, Workshop attendees are invited to engage in critique and discussion, under the moderation of the Workshop Chairs.

ORGANIZER(S):  Harvard University Center for African Studies