African Studies Workshop featuring Jonny Steinberg


Monday, April 15, 2019, 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Center for African Studies Lounge - 1280 Massachusetts Ave., 3rd Floor, Cambridge, MA

Jonny Steinberg is Professor of African Studies at Oxford and is currently Visiting Professor in African Politics at Yale. Among his books are The Number, a history of crime and punishment in South Africa, and A Man of Good Hope, which explores migration and nativism in Sub-Saharan Africa. Steinberg was an inaugural winner of the Windham Campbell Literature Prizes awarded by Yale University and was twice the recipient of South Africa's premier literary award, the Sunday Times Alan Paton Prize. He is currently working on a social history of South Africa's transition to democracy and on a book on the lives of Winnie and Nelson Mandela.

He will be presenting The Courtship of Nelson and Winnie Mandela: the dizzying quest to live exemplary lives.

Discussant: Sebastian Jackson


A week in advance, the presenter’s paper will be circulated through the Harvard African Studies Workshop listserv. It is assumed that everyone has read the paper before the workshop.  After presentation and commentary, Workshop attendees are invited to engage in critique and discussion, under the moderation of the Workshop Chairs.

ORGANIZER(S):  Harvard University Center for African Studies