African Studies Workshop 2015-2016

Jeremy Jones – April 25

Presenting ‘Kinks in Reality: disorder and disorientation in a Zimbabwean neighborhood market, 2007-2008.’

Krystal Strong – April 18

Presenting ‘Learning to Be Leaders: youth, democracy, and pedagogies of politics in post-military Nigeria.’

Olivier Moreillon – April 4

Presenting ‘Cities in Flux: Capetonian and Durbanite literary topographies.’

Corinne Kratz – March 28, 2016

Presenting ‘The Case of the Recurring Wodaabe: Visual Obsessions in Globalizing Markets’


African Studies Workshop March 28, 2016 from AfricaHarvard on Vimeo.

Leon de Kock – March 21, 2016

Presenting ‘Referred Pain, Wound Culture and Pathology in Postapartheid Writing: The Case of Mark Gevisser’s Lost and Found in Johannesburg’

Kristin Peterson – Mach 7, 2016

Presenting ‘Derivative Life in Africa’s Vital Economy’

Sarah Nuttall – February 29, 2016

Presenting ‘At the Edges of the Human Afro Diasporic Aesthetic Forms in the Anthropocene Age’

Nkatha Kabira – February 22, 2016

Presenting ‘The Case of the Akiwumi Commission’

Brenda Chalfin – February 8, 2016

Presenting ‘Wastelandia: Infrastructure and the Commonwealth of Waste in Urban Ghana’

Neil Roos – November 9, 2015

Presenting ‘Work and Ideology in the Apartheid Civil Service, 1948‐1961: the Public Service Commission and the rule of regulation’

Deborah Durham – November 2, 2016

Presenting ‘Cars Versus Houses: moral choices in middle-income Botswana’

John Thornton – October 19, 2015

Presenting ‘ Looking for ‘Roots’: historical truth and fiction in the life of Kunta Kinte’

Amber Reed – October 5 2015

Presenting ‘Nostalgia, Neoliberalism, and Democracy in Post-Apartheid South Africa’

Also view: Nostalgia in the Post-Apartheid State by Amber Reed

Published in volume 39, issue 2 of the Anthropology Southern Africa Journal in 2016.

Loren Landau – September 28, 2015

Presenting “Rights and Recognition in Africa’s Urban Estuaries: reflections on social membership in a mobile era”

Ayodeji Ogunnaike – September 21, 2105

Presenting “Comprehensive Religion: traditional religions(s) and the expanding and contacting sacred canopy”

Ato Quayson – September 14, 2015

Presenting “Urban Morphology and the Infrastructures of Street Life on Oxford Street, Accra”

African Studies Workshop September 14, 2015 featuring Ato Quayson from AfricaHarvard on Vimeo.