Alumni Ventures

Dozens of Harvard Graduates have launched businesses, organizations, and projects on the continent. Below is a selection of exciting endeavors taking place across Africa.


Alvaina Foundation, Nigeria

The ALVAINA (A Leadership & Learning Venture Accessible Internationally and Nationally for All) Foundation focuses on education and human development. The vision of ALVAINA is to bridge the gap of socio-economic polarization and inequality amongst local, national and international communities. ALVAINA works towards the realization of this vision through research-based education programs, advocacy, and technical assistance – with special interests in secondary education and youth issues. Rebecca O. Doherty, HGSE 2011


Bridge International Academies, Kenya

Bridge International Academies is the world’s largest chain of primary and pre-primary schools bringing world-class education to the poorest of the poor, democratizing the right to succeed. Their mission is is to provide every child with the chance to have a high-quality primary education regardless of their family’s income – in a nutshell, “Knowledge for all.” Jay Kimmelman, College 1999 & Shannon May, College 2000


Common Hope for Health, Kenya

Students and young professionals are engaged in global health like never before; together, they constitute the next generation of global health’s global leaders. Common Hope for Health (CHH) leverages this surging energy by bringing together young people—medical students, public health students, nonprofit professionals, social entrepreneurs, consultants—to form interdisciplinary teams that provide sound and innovative medical, technical, strategic, and financial assistance to grassroots health initiatives in low-resource settings. Scott Lee, College 2003; MD-PhD Candidate at HBS 


Golden Palm Investments, Ghana

Golden Palm Investments (GPI) is an investment holding and advisory company focused on high growth and impact industry sectors in Africa. With a portfolio of companies in healthcare, real estate, financial services, agribusiness and technology, GPI is positioned to benefit from and contribute to the continent’s sustained economic growth. Sangu Delle, College 2010; HBS 2017


Lead Us Today, Zimbabwe

Lead Us Today is a Zimbabwean registered non-profit organization founded in August 2010 by Dalumuzi H. Mhlanga. Initially, Lead Us Today was a Harvard-funded summer 2010 project that Dalumuzi executed with a diverse team of eight young people from his hometown, Bulawayo, in Zimbabwe. The project brought together young people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to take part in a leadership training program and design and implement community service projects. Through the project, 62 students from 8 schools were trained. The students established 8 Lead Us Today clubs in their schools and they recruited 240 students to join them in their community development efforts. As a result of this success, Lead Us Today was established a registered non-profit at the end of the summer of 2010. Dalumuzi Mhlanga, College 2013


Memunatu Magazine, West Africa

Memunatu is a classroom magazine for teenage girls (10-17 years old) in West Africa that promotes literacy, leadership, and empowerment. Our mission is to create a unique, community driven publication that provides girls with a range of fun and educational content. Distributed through secondary schools with an accompanying Teacher’s Guide, Memunatu bridges the gap between educational and extracurricular life. Mariama Kabia, HKS MPP 2014 


MoringaConnect, Ghana

MoringaConnect helps farmers capture the untapped value from the miraculous moringa tree by linking them to processing technologies and the global market for moringa oil. Millions of small-holder farmers worldwide grow moringa on small plots of land – but have little or no way to process and sell the seed oil. Emily Cunningham, College 2013


Tomato Jos, Nigeria

Tomato Jos is an agricultural production company that believes in the power of farming and processing local food products for local consumption. Our mission is to make tomato production a sustainable, profitable business for the farmers with whom we work.  Mira Mehta, HBS 2014 & Shane Kiernan , HSPH 2014


truIT, Uganda

truIT Uganda Limited is an Information Communication and Technology Solutions company that started out as a web design & hosting firm that has evolved into an IT solutions integration service provider. Over the years, their focus has been on simplifying technology for our customers, by designing solutions that best use Information technology to meet business objectives. They provide solutions that avail “tomorrow’s technology today” through innovative, sustainable industry approved standards, concepts and principles. Andrew Musoke, HBS 2013


West Africa Vocational Education, Nigeria

Like its natural resources of oil and minerals, Africa’s youth are a paradox of (untapped) potential dividends merely existing / constantly being exploited as demographic liabilities. The vision at WAVE is to reverse this trend by targeting: best in class quality; scalability; systematic impact. Misan Rwane, HBS 2012; Karan Chopra, HBS 2013; Bryan Mezue, HBS 2013; and Navid Rahimi, HGSE 2013


ZanaAfrica, Kenya

ZanaAfrica brings together the best of non-profit passion and business acumen to create a holistic, sustainable, and internationally replicable solution to help women thrive. We will make pads and use profits to fund charitable profits, such as health education and policy advocacy. In this way, we not only model financial freedom while helping women find the same, but ensure responsible stewardship of resources by reducing reliance on donations. Megan White Mukuria, College 1999


ZOO Mobile Enterprises, Kenya

A social enterprise which provide access to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) resources to underserved Kenyan communities. June Odongo, MBA 2014