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Alumni Groups

Harvard has numerous alumni clubs and significant interest groups in Africa. For more information on country-specific groups, see below. For general alumni information, visit the Harvard University Alumni Affairs and Development site.

Harvard African Students Alumni Network

Harvard Alumni Contact in Cairo
Contact: Jennifer A. Bremer MPP ’75, PhD ’82

Harvard Alumni Contact in Egypt
Contact: Amr A.A. Abdallah MPA ’99
Phone: [20] (2) 483 7656

Harvard Alumni Contact in Ghana
Contact: Kimathi Kuenyehia LLM ’07
Phone: (240) 351 5477

Harvard Club of Kenya
Chair: Shannon May AB ’99
Phone: [254] (733) 935 019

The Harvard Club of Kenya was founded in July 2011, and now has more than 50 members. Regular activities include Happy Hour Socials and Saturday Outings, Arts and Cultural Events, and a Speakers’ Series, in addition to outreach and interviewing for Harvard College. For 2012, the HCK will host a research symposium for Harvard students in the field in Kenya.

Harvard Club of Nigeria
President: Chukwuemeka Dike AB ’81
Phone: [234] (802) 8540184

Harvard University Alumni of South Africa
President: Michelle Mfuni AB ’90
Phone: [27] (82) 553 8301