Texts, Knowledge, Practice: The Meaning of Scholarship in Muslim Africa

Sitting at the intersection of African, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies, Islam in Africa has long suffered from a crisis of disciplinary identity. Neither strictly area nor religious studies, Islam in Africa has only recently received attention within the academy. The shift is long overdue; Africa has influenced scholarship throughout the Islamic World for more than a millennium. With the spread of Arabic literacy, African scholars developed a rich tradition of debate over orthodoxy and meaning in Islam.

Islam in Africa Lecture Series Explores Sociocultural Experiences of Muslims

djenne_great_mud_mosqueThe historical legacy of Islamic culture in Africa is rich and diverse. This culture is also impacted and transformed by a rapidly modernizing and globalizing African continent. To explore the nexus between Islamic tradition and the modern experience of Muslims in Africa, The Center for African Studies held the first session of the Islam in Africa Seminar Series, co-hosted with the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program at Harvard University.