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Study Abroad

Harvard students can study abroad in Africa for course credit through the Harvard Summer School and other programs approved by the Office of International Education. Some programs accept graduate students in addition to undergraduates (see specific programs for clarification). Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) grants are available for language programs abroad.

The Harvard Summer School offers three summer study abroad programs in Africa for Summer 2014.   


Malindi, Kenya Summer Abroad Program


This six-week interdisciplinary African studies course takes you across Kenya’s many landscapes from the mountains and forests of the Rift Valley to the coastal village of Watamu. Students begin the program with an orientation at the Gallmann Conservancy in Laikipia, Kenya. On this protected nature reserve, home to lions, elephants and other wildlife, as well as the Pokot and Samburu communities among others, students see the intersection of conservation and economic development firsthand. Students learn from Professor Caroline Elkins and a number of local experts, all the while engaging with the Gallmann Conservancy’s many ecology and education programs, where they discover the competing pressures facing local communities to both conserve their surroundings and adapt to new economic opportunities and constraints. From Laikipia the group travels to the coast of Kenya for a taste of Swahili culture. Once in Watamu, students recognize several of the same challenges surrounding conservation and development efforts. In addition to intensive language training, students learn about Swahili history and culture, visiting sites such as the twelfth-century Gede Ruins. Outside of the classroom students have the opportunity to participate in local marine conservation projects, including sea turtle rescue, mangrove planting, and community education.  Visit Harvard Summer School website for more specifics on the program.

Application Deadline: January 30, 2014


Kisumu, Kenya Summer Abroad Program

Students in the Harvard Summer Program in Kisumu, Kenya, explore diverse approaches for using innovations and technologies to foster transformative and sustainable healthcare improvements in Africa. Closely mentored student teams design, develop, and test their own innovations. Watch a video where students in the Kisumu program discuss the innovations in healthcare they worked on. Visit Harvard Summer School website for more specifics on the program.

Application Deadline: January 30, 2014


Ghana Summer Abroad Program

ghanahssThis eight-week program explores the history and material culture of slavery and slave trade in West Africa (Ghana) and the Caribbean (Danish Caribbean and Jamaica).  It combines lectures; the critical use of contemporary sources, oral history, film, and images; trips to tourist and museum sites of enslavement and slave trade; and archeological fieldwork on Danish plantations in the reconstruction of the period between about 1650 and 1850.  Visit Harvard Summer School website for more specifics on the program.

Application Deadline: January 30, 2014


Visit the Harvard Summer School website to start an application.