February 2016

Harvard Business School’s Africa Business Club Pursues a More Inclusive Africa

While the story of Africa's economic growth has been amply celebrated in recent years, the Harvard Business School’s Africa Business Club (HBS ABC) saw a gap in inclusivity and sustainable progress in Africa’s story. Defining inclusivity in terms of socioeconomic segments, industries, gender, and sectors, HBS ABC sees an opportunity to promote growth that cuts across sectors, will generate multiplier effects in the African economy and will promote political stability --led by the private sector.

Islam in Africa Lecture Series Explores Sociocultural Experiences of Muslims

djenne_great_mud_mosqueThe historical legacy of Islamic culture in Africa is rich and diverse. This culture is also impacted and transformed by a rapidly modernizing and globalizing African continent. To explore the nexus between Islamic tradition and the modern experience of Muslims in Africa, The Center for African Studies held the first session of the Islam in Africa Seminar Series, co-hosted with the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program at Harvard University.